Thih nak in Luat nak a kan pe tu Pathian hi a ttha tuk

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Vawlei cung thih nak cazin zoh ah hin khuaruah har a si ko. Hi lenguang mi thi lak i Nun nak le dam nak a kan pe tu Piathian cu thang tthat si ko seh.


Thih nak cazin an tuah mi ah cun,

Kum khat ah 131.4 million an chuak i 55.3 million cu an thi ve.

Ni khat ah minung 360,000 hrin an si i 151,600 nih thih nak an ton.

Nazi pakhat ah 15,000 an chuak i 6,316 nih thih nak an ton.



Cu thih nak a chuah pi bik mi cu,

1. Lung zawt nak.

2. Cancer.


3. Mah le mah i thah nak.

4. Kal zawt nak

5. Pneumonia

6. Zun thlum le

7. Accident


Kan nun nak hi thihnak he ai neih tein a um peng ve. Pathian lawng lawng nih luat nak a kan pek khawh.



Suimilam pa kkhat ah a tlawn bik 6,316 an thih caah cu hna lak ah cun nang le kei zong ai tel kho kan si ve.

Cucaah Dam nak le nun nak a kan pe tu kan Pathian hi thang tthat zungzal ko hna u sih.


Ref. World Death Percentage

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